(Multidisciplinary, Multispecialty, Multisectoral Membership)

Dear colleague(s),

We would really appreciate it if you join the HRI GLOBAL Group. We require your profile (150 words) and brief curriculum vitae (not more than 2-pages) for the information of the Group members. It will help all in the group to get to know each other better. Please spend a few minutes just adding a few details about yourself on this (Application form below). Thank you for your support.
Best regards,
Joseph Ana. Lead Senior Fellow/Medical Consultant, Centre for Clinical Governance Research and Patient Safety @ HRI Global (

HRI Global is a pioneer specialist, independent provider of bespoke Whole health sector and system improvement solutions, in Lower, Low to Middle Income Countries (LLMIC), and elsewhere in the world, using the 12-Pillar Clinical Governance Programme (12-PCGP). It founded the Centre for Clinical Governance Research and Patient Safety (CCGR&PS) as a Health Innovation Hub cumulatively since 1991 and has consistently worked to improve health quality indicators, initially in Nigeria and West Africa, and presently beyond the subregion. Its quality tools are programmed and based on evidence of what works in the context of resource constraint, and have been designed, tested, validated, and scaled to yield quick, measurable, and sustainable improvements, including care outcomes, people/patient centered positive experience, and job satisfaction and retention of skilled health workers.

Benefits of being a HRI Global CG Group member:
i). Join a growing number of the 12-pillar clinical governance advocates worldwide
ii). Raise awareness about your own organization and its activities and services
iii). Network to share your experience as you learn from others across the globe
iv). Collaborate with others as we promote the use of 12-pillar clinical governance to achieve the common goal of delivering quality health care, worldwide.

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The 12 - Pillar Clinical Governance Programme – Homemade Quality Tool 2004

12 - Pillar Clinical Governance Programme