KEY Messages from the Lecture 2: Dr Louis Alekwe emphasized, that :

  • Clinical Effectiveness is one of the pillars of clinical governance and it describes a range of activities that support clinicians and healthcare professionals to examine and improve the quality of care: Doing the right thing at the right time to the right patient!. It’s a measure of the extent to which an intervention works; involves using the best available evidence in clinical decision making. And It leads to Improved patient outcomes, Efficient use of scarce resources, Evidence-based practice, Patient-centered care, and Continuous improvement’.
  • The components of the pillar include the practice of evidence based medicine, patient centred care, and quality improvement.
  • Implementation of the pillar requires communication, care coordination, evaluation and benchmarking
  • Measurement of these attributes of the pillar include: clinical audit by all, benchmarking ( comparing your outcome with similar institutions from within Nigeria and outside! Measuring indices such as mortality and morbidity rates, patient experience and complains, cost -effociency-effectiveness, etc.
  • There are challenges to implementing clinical governance including this pillar: resistance to changing the old order, cost implications, difficulty to get others to participate in benchmarking ( Lily Hospital had to go abroad to Ghana to get a partner hospital for its Benchmarking), and so on.  
  • Quality pays much more than the cost in implementing clinical governance!!


  • 12-Pillar Clinical Governance Programme (12-PCGP) is multidisciplinary, multisectoral health sector & system (Vertical, Horizontal, Bottom-up). 
  • Definition and Scope of 12 Pillar Clinical Governance (‘Protecting patients, supporting practitioners in Tandem’)
  • Achieving ‘putting patients first’ through 12 Pillar Clinical Governance Programme
  • Facility Board, Management, Staff - in place and proactive.
  • mission, vision, values
  • score cards for ensuring compliance at every level
  • supportive supervision, mentoring, monitoring and evaluation (SSMM&E)
  • Less TALK More ACTION – transforming Facilities to
    Perform, be Safe and deliver Quality


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