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A World where countries have clinically governed health sector and systems to protect patients and support practitioners in tandem.


To promote the 12-pillar clinical governance programme to state and non state actors to build capacity and implement and sustain the programme across the tiers of the health sector and systems in their country. And promote the PACK Nigeria programme specifically for improving the outcomes in primary health care.


Professionalism, evidence driven, quality, commitment, accountability, patient-centered.

HRI Global is an independent health consultancy which specialises in Whole Health System Strengthening in the public and private sector by implementing the 12-Pillar Clinical Governance Programme (12-PCGP) in primary, secondary and tertiary health facilities/institutions; by working with the management and staff of the institutions and with local and national government. The programme protects patients and supports practitioners in tandem, enabling the facilities to become clinically governed to deliver quality and patient-centered care.

HRI Global is the founder and lead implementer of the 12-Pillar Clinical Governance Programme, which was designed and piloted in Cross River State, Nigeria, in 2004. HRI Global’s home-grown version of Clinical Governance is suitable for low and middle income countries (LMICs) in both government and privately-owned health facilities.

HRI Global uses its context-informed expertise to work with health policy makers, health administrators and health providers to consistently deliver quality, Patient-Centered Care in accordance with global best practice and we have Quality Certified Hospitals in our inventory of successful implementation of 12-Pilllar Clinical Governance Programme in both public-owned and private health facilities.

HRI Global is also the implementer of PACK Nigeria Programme uniquely created for primary health care (PHC) since its successful pilot in 2017. PACK (Practical Approach to Care Kit) originally developed in University of Cape Town, Knowledge Translation Unit (KTU) 23 years ago, was localized in Nigeria for Nigeria by a Nigerian multidisciplinary team. PACK Nigeria was introduced in 20 PHCs in Bauchi State in November 2020. It has been introduced to Borno State in October 2023. We have respected local and global champions in HRI Global’s faculty who deliver the impact wherever we work.



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